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Acknowledged and acclaimed for its services both in Brazil and abroad, Assessor Bordin was established in 1983 by accountant, business administrator and forensic accountant Antonio Carlos Bordin. Our firm offers outsourcing, consulting, arbitration, due diligence, audit, income tax and governance services. We are committed to constantly innovating our processes, in order to ensure our clients’ growth. Find out more about how we are capable of addressing your challenges.



  • Focus on service-oriented techniques
  • Commitment to clients’ targets
  • Tailor-made solutions for client transactions
  • International presence
  • People-oriented approach: our work environment offers quality of life, including the best conditions for our team
  • Team focused on research and always up-to- date on amendments to the law and to accounting, tax, labor and compliance practices
  • Corporate University – center of excellence and in-house training
  • Innovation and Technology: we believe the future of our business lies in using digital transactions.

Why Outsource?

An increasing number of companies is in the pursuit of further specifying the focus of their businesses. Energy and talent available and used on a daily basis should be directed towards prospecting new opportunities, taking risks and making decisions. In order to do so, Assessor Bordin has a team to take over back office operations, whereby our clients manage to focus on strategic issues only. Below are the main benefits arising out of outsourcing: