ABordin Partners with Fundação Julita to Encourage Tax Deductible Donations

ABordin Partners with Fundação Julita to Encourage Tax Deductible Donations

April 2021

There are several ways to contribute towards change in the world. ABordin has launched a partnership with Fundação Julita, in order to offer its individual income tax expertise to foster social responsibility.

Many people often have a hard time donating income tax payable to social organizations. This is especially due to the fear of being subject to a tax audit, though there are simple and safe ways to make such tax-deductible donations.

Social responsibility has always been among ABordin’s top priorities. Social issues have always moved our firm, and our founder Antonio Carlos Bordin partnered with his friends to organize the “Os Meninos de Kardec” initiative, which encourages people and companies to support charities in São Paulo.

Having ABordin now partner with Fundação Julita, ranked among the 100 Best Non-Profits to Donate in Brazil, and with a 67-year history of services provided, represents one more bridge built between companies and organizations, to empower and change the lives of people in underserved communities.

Individual Income Tax-Deductible Donations

It is possible to allocate up to 3% of the income tax due to Fundação Julita’s Nutritional Health Project upon filing of the Tax Return, which project ensures access to healthy food for hundreds of socially vulnerable children and youth benefited by the organizations’ projects.

The project promotes foods education initiatives, improvement of meal quality served at the organization, as well as guidance and medical orientation services to the families, if necessary, in order to minimize any issues related to nutritional deficiencies that may adversely affect learning and healthy growth as from childhood, whose effects are seen throughout one’s life.

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