When Is ITBI Payment Dismissed?

2021-01-27T10:44:38+00:00 Insider|

São Paulo, January 2021 The following remarks refer to issues tied to the organization of family, property and real estate holdings, used for estate, property and tax planning purposes. It is necessary to previously assess [...]

Tax, Family and Business Planning

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Resorting to Offshores has become common practice among Brazilians, and many such companies are located in “tax havens” though their respective assets – financial or otherwise – are located in countries such as USA, Switzerland [...]

Current Trends on Cryptocurrency Accounting

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São Paulo, January 2021 What Are Cryptocurrencies? Cryptocurrencies are part of a set of crypto-assets, which are cryptography-protected digital assets. Cryptocurrencies are generally known as digital currencies, and are used to pay for commercial transactions; [...]

SISCOSERV Mandatory Filing Cancelled

2020-10-28T11:11:53+00:00 Insider|

São Paulo, October 2020 The Integrated Foreign Trade System for Services, Intangible Assets and Other Transactions Leading to Income Variation (SISCOSERV) has been cancelled after the publication of the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service (RFB)/Office for [...]