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About Us

Since 1983, when accountant, business administrator and forensic accountant Antonio Carlos Bordin established Assessor Bordin, our firm has been committed to offering tailor-made services thanks to its highly skilled team.

Having started as a boutique firm, Assessor Bordin has modernized, enhanced and diversified the scope of its services to include consulting, forensic accounting evidence, and individual income tax reports – having become market leader in such returns.

Assessor Bordin is committed to the provision of world class level services, always based on the highest ethical and moral principles and confidentiality.

Our Executives

Antonio Carlos Bordin
Antonio Carlos BordinFounder Partner
Allan Bordin
Allan BordinDirector Partner
Clovis Abreu
Clovis AbreuIRPF Partner
João Simonette
João SimonetteOutsourcing Partner
Francisco Cipullo
Francisco CipulloConsultant
Adriana Volejnik
Adriana VolejnikExpert Evidence Partner
Cibele Carvalho
Cibele CarvalhoFinancial Outsourcing
Claudia Cruz
Claudia CruzPeople Management
Daniela Lara
Daniela LaraAdministration and Finance
Eliete Carvalho
Eliete CarvalhoTax
Fernando Oliveira
Fernando OliveiraOutsourcing
Fernando Paes
Fernando PaesTechnology
Giovanna Machado
Giovanna MachadoExpert Evidence
Leticia Albuquerque
Leticia AlbuquerqueIRPF
Lucilia Panoias
Lucilia PanoiasConsulting
Magali Braga
Magali BragaBordin University
Marcus Sperandio
Marcus SperandioConsulting Partner
Newton Affonso
Newton AffonsoOutsourcing Partner
Ricardo Jesus
Ricardo JesusIRPF Partner
Roberta Ferraz
Roberta FerrazOutsourcing Payroll
Salatiel Filho
Salatiel FilhoOutsourcing
Sirlene Moraes
Sirlene MoraesOutsourcing
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