Audit and Consulting

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Services provided in this area are subject to continuous change. The business, political and economic environment constantly influences the structure of products and services. As such, our team is constantly trained to meet said expectations.

Our services are focused on catering to audit and consulting-related demands, as well as in assisting clients in the leading discussions of the corporate environment, largely associate to Compliance and Corporate Governance.

Our firm advises Brazilian and global companies and non-profits in the implementation of transparent management in order to ensure reliable accounting and financial records.

We offer short, medium and long-term solutions and opportunities, which are always in line with our clients’ business needs.

Services: Audit: Balance Sheet and Income Statement Accounts; Previously Agreed Procedures; Limited Review of Financial Statements, Tax Consulting, Due Diligence (M&A), Assessment of Internal Controls, Governance & Compliance, e-Auditor and Valuation.

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