Expert Evidence and Arbitration

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Expert Evidence and Arbitration
Always reaffirming our commitment to impartiality and confidentiality, our experts are trained to work on the most sensitive and complex forensic accounting and arbitration cases.

Forensic Accounting
Thanks to the combination of accounting knowledge and forensic skills, our accountants assess financial discrepancies and inaccuracies, as well as fraudulent activities and financial misrepresentations. In addition, our team is also trained to work in contested divorce cases, property distribution and liquidation of assets (appraisal).

Always up-to- date on the Brazilian Accounting Rules (NBC), our company is highly skilled and in constant pursuit of ongoing training, focused on the provision and development of accurate reports and opinions.

Increasingly used in Brazil, Arbitration has become a private dispute-resolution mechanism that favors fast and confidential decisions in litigation. Our firm is acknowledged for the services provided in arbitral proceedings pending before Arbitration Chambers, as Forensic Accountant and Retained Experts.

Our experience team is focused on drafting technical and accurate opinions to mitigate possible risks and impacts the parties may incur in this process.


Expert Evidence: Financial Calculations, Liquidation of Awards; Adjustment for Inflation; Court-issued Registered Warrants (for the Payment of Government Debt), Award of Damages (Consequential Losses, Loss of Profits), Business Assessment (Valuation, Goodwill, Liquidation of Assets), Tax Review of Notices of Deficiency (Administrative and Judicial Phase), Mergers & Acquisitions (Corporate Studies, Accounting Review, Earn Out, Scroll Account), Accounting (Family Businesses, Estate/Inventory/Distributions/Assessment of Irregularities/Contested Divorce).

Arbitration: Retained Experts and Impartial Experts for Arbitral Tribunals.

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