SRF Modifies Rules on DCTFWeb Form Filing

SRF Modifies Rules on DCTFWeb Form Filing

The Brazilian Federal Revenue Service (SRF) has changed the final term for companies of the Group 2 to file the DCTFWeb Form under Final Rule (Normative Instruction – IN) 1,884 published on 04/22/2019.

Group 2 companies whose turnover in the 2017 fiscal year exceeded BRL4,800,000.00 must file the form with respect to the taxable events occurred since 04/01/2019. The only exception refers to companies covered under Paragraph Three of the aforesaid rule.

Companies must file the DCTFWeb Form for the April 2019 assessment by May 15, 2019.

The deadlines applicable to Group 1 (Government) and Group 5 (International Organizations and Extra-territorial Institutions) will be set forth under specific rules. All other companies must only file the DCTFWeb Form with respect to taxable events occurred as from October 1, 2019.

Penalties in the event of any omissions, delays, inaccuracies or incomplete information may range from BRL 200.00 per calendar month to up to 20% of the contributions informed in the accessory obligation.

Therefore, please feel free to contact our advisors should you need further clarification.

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